My personal recommendations for the April 4, 2017 Consolidated Election


People often ask me who to vote for. These are nonpartisan elections. Please understand that these are my personal recommendations, not those of any party or group.


Palatine Park District

Jennifer Rogers


Palatine Public Library District

Debby Brauer

Valerie Sherman

Andrea Vanderhoek

Bruce Jefferson

Jeffrey Westhoff


Community Consolidated School District 15

David Border (2-year term)

James G. Ekeberg

Margaret (Peggy) Babcock

Gerald D. Chapman

Adam Bauske


Township High School District 211

Robert J. LeFevre Jr.

Anna Klimkowicz

Edward M Yung


Harper Community College District 512

Mary Patricia (Pat) Stack

Walt Mundt


If you live in Rolling Meadows, I recommend that you vote for Len Prejna for Mayor. If you live in the 4th Ward, vote for Joseph (Joe) Gallo for Alderman.


My final recommendation: Vote early, either by mail or in person. For details, go to