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Don’t let Trump set the agenda

I think we’re making a mistake letting Trump set the agenda. Everyone knows how bad he is — even Republicans admit that he’s terrible, but they’ve been persuaded that a monster is better than a Democrat. We all scoffed at his conflation of Joe Biden with Antifa and Defund the Police, but they’ve persuaded too many people to believe it.

I’m angry at the so-called liberal media. Listen to how much more time they spend on Trump’s latest outrage than they do on what Biden and the Democrats stand for.

Look at this page: Joe Biden’s extensive policy agenda, explained – Vox. For every minute the media spend on Trump, they should spend 2 minutes on this stuff. 

We need to give voters a reason to vote for our candidates. They have plenty of reason to vote against Trump and the Republicans who enable him. To win, let’s give them both.

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